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Open Mind


Never in our wildest dreams did we expect that the Porcupine Tree offspring Blackfield would one day have a “best of” compilation for grabs. Compared to Porcupine Tree for sure Blackfield has a more commercial approach what with shorter songs and more laidback melodies so in a way after five studio albums Open Mind comes as the perfect introduction for those who have never heard of the band.

Blackfield combines the craft of Steven Wilson with that of Aviv Geffen who in his homecountry of Israel is regarded as their very own David Bowie. Aviv has a certain grain in his voice which blends well with the smooth singing of Wilson. Add to this the great melodies and the open production and you get an aray of radiofriendly tunes.

Pulled from five albums over a period of fourteen years these fifteen tracks offer a great insight and diversity. There are four tracks from the first album, three tracks from the second album,three tracks from the album Welcome To My DNA, only one track from the fourth album and no less than four songs from the band’s latest offering V. Strange enough my favourite Blackfield song Cloudy Now from the band’s 2004 debut album is not featured here. Which steers us towards the question what is relevant Blackfield Music? Once you get into the band then for sure making a compilation is not an easy task as every single song is a fine example of exquisite craftmanship hence a “must listen to” contender.

© John Bobo Bollenberg